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100 years ago today

Women got the vote!


What a nightmare….

Seventy years ago today we celebrated victory in Europe. 

The generation who fought then went on to set up the NHS and put forward a fairer , more equal Britain….

Their children …. and I would bet it was their children..the baby boomers born from 1940-1960 have probably just voted in a party who will SELL the NHS…

Don’t be disabled,old,poor or unemployed in the UK now….the boys from Eton won’t want to even think about you….let alone look after you…..

As well as that there is the embarrassment of UKIP….I’ve always been proud that it was the French who looked to fascism and we would never do that….. But it looks that many are looking towards it now…. It makes me embarrassed and ashamed…

So in the morning we will have to pick ourselves up….see if anyone can form a government…..and prepare to stand up for the people of our country who need us…..and take out medical insurance…..