Giants and World War One….

So I’ve just got in again after another day following the giants around Liverpool….what a beautiful day and what an amazing and moving spectacle….Down by the Pier Head grandma,xolo and the girl met up and a letter from World War One was read out….it was very moving telling us one mans story of coming home from the front,knowing he would have to return and yet putting on a brave face for his family and friends…..really moving…





Giant girl…..

Well,I’ve popped into town this morning to get a glimpse of the giant girl…..and glimpse it was !! I got there too late to see her walking but did see her sat by the Chinese arch…it’s was really packed with people and really hot….everyone is so excited by this event!! I’m going back in later to see her and grandma again….




The Liverpool Pals….Let’s remember them this week…

Pals battalions were made up of groups of men who knew each other and therefore would serve together on the front. This was very attractive for volunteers,friends,neighbours , brothers etc who would be sent to war together. Obviously, with hindsight we can see how this would be a disaster.
Whole streets,football teams etc would fight and die together.
Here is a link to the BBC and their story about this….