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  Thank you Allen Lane…your idea has helped so many of us to read and write great literature….to be able to read books cheaply is a necessity in any society…books lead to ideas and vice versa….that helps us to change, grow and travel….if only through our own imagination….


Whisper sync for Kindle and audio books….

I’ve been experimenting with this this week and it’s cool…
You buy the kindle book and you buy the audio book for a reduced price and you use them together….so you read as normal and if you want to carry on by listening you just press the headphone sign at the top of the book and it swaps to the audiobook …. It’s really great….it evens turns the page of the book as it reads….this is great for commutes or for the gym…I tried it with the new Robert Galbraith book and it’s really good….I liked it…it’s also available to try for free if you go to the kindle page and check it out…they have books like The 39 steps and The Secret Garden to try…all the audiobooks are the professional ones that you could buy instead of the book ….so quality….

Copying text on ios…

Ok a bit random but useful…..
How to select on your iphone….

Advanced Selection:
Tap twice on word to select whole word.
Tap 4 times on paragraph to select whole paragraph.
Put one finger in the begining of desired selection and the other in the end and hold for a while. Text between fingers is selected.
Tap twice in the beginning of desired selection and immediately start dragging pin to extend it. (don’t detach finger after second tap)