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A History of Magic 

At Liverpool William Brown Library 


This hasn’t really been reported and it should be…it’s a disgrace. The Tories are selling off more of the family silver. 

If she wins, and she probably will, then the NHS won’t exist for long. The Tories will have 5 years to do whatever they want.

Amber Rudd made the interesting comment of …when you’re alone in the ballot box…and that’s the problem…Tories won’t tell you that’s what they’re voting….so prepare for disaster as they will probably win and then it’ll all start….

Followers from the USA?

Hi, if you follow me and are from the USA can I tell you that I live in a very safe country?

The UK is very safe. We don’t have gun ownership and we don’t need it.

We are very very law abiding. Our media DOES NOT lie to us about terrorist attacks.

I’ve just watched your President stating that they do…he is not telling the truth.

When we have had attacks they tell us. We don’t believe everything we are told immediately ..we look at different media outlets to see what the TRUTH is.

I worry that some of you will believe your President when he states that the media are covering up attacks…they aren’t…

This sort of manipulation reminds me of Soviet Russia..I hope you all survive this attack on your free press and I hope that your democracy uses its system of checks and balances to stop the lies that are being suggested to you.

Look outwards across the Atlantic …read our press as well as your own…use the internet to check stories..ask others of their experiences in their countries and remember he can’t be in charge for more than 8 years!!

Watergate and Today….

You know ….you look at what’s going on and Watergate looks quite innocent….but we should learn from it…post truth only works if we let it….So read or watch All the Presidents Men…and remember that literally two people can change the world if they work together…then keep asking questions and keep seeking answers…