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So £3 billion on Brexit….£2.8 billion on the NHS….

Can that be put on the side of a bus…


This hasn’t really been reported and it should be…it’s a disgrace. The Tories are selling off more of the family silver. 

If she wins, and she probably will, then the NHS won’t exist for long. The Tories will have 5 years to do whatever they want.

Amber Rudd made the interesting comment of …when you’re alone in the ballot box…and that’s the problem…Tories won’t tell you that’s what they’re voting….so prepare for disaster as they will probably win and then it’ll all start….

Bit worried about the Nuclear codes comment….

Read this…none of it is good but the comment about the codes is a bit of a nightmare…

We need to remember that Europe is our other main ally…we may need them soon….its looking like we can’t rely on the special relationship….

If the influence of Russia goes deeper then the axis of world powers is moving rapidly and dangerously….we must move to protect ourselves and the Prime Minister needs to make decisions quickly and well…THE SCARY THING IS I DON’T THINK SHE HAS THE ABILITY !!!