7 thoughts on “Brexit”

    1. Well it’s the companies who own the networks who will make the money. Their agreement will only be with the EU so we will have to try to make them make an agreement. I’m sure that they will charge extra here if you travel in from the EU.

      1. I did read something last year saying people visiting the UK have better internet and connection than we do, due to being able to cross network, don’t know what the charges where though

      2. Probably the same as us when we cross networks at the moment. I think we will all pay the same from June and then when we leave EU we will pay more unless they can broker a new deal from outside EU. It depends on how much profit the companies can get away with making I suppose?

      3. It’s funny I been giving this a lot of thought, lol slightly addicted to my phone and using it where I can, my 3uk allows me to call and text over WiFi and uses my inclusive minutes so thats an option abroad, I remember when I first went to Cyprus we didn’t have mobile phones, post cards and pay phone was the only way to communicate, later on we used to by a pay as you go sim for the country we where visiting, nearly all contract phones are unlocked these days so that’s another option, but I wonder if I could survive a week in Spain without uploading photos, blogging and Facebook, we did survive a cruise in 2010 with no Internet till we got home, but the mobile world has changed a lot in that time 🙂

      4. Yeah I use mainly internet on mine. I guess it’s just a really obvious loss after Brexit! So disappointing as it will/ would be great just to use the phone as normal abroad. It’s already a lot better than it was a few years ago but I think it looks like we will lose all of the lower pricing abroad when we Brexit! So will just have to go back to using wi fi as a means of use!…when it changes…

      5. You never know it’s a modern mobile world so hopefully favorable rates will be worked out, EU countries will want our business and we will want there’s

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