Let’s be clear…

This referendum was /is the Tory party’s fault.

Don’t blame Labour.

Cameron called for it and was supported through those who voted for him and his ideas at the General election last year.

He then did not take on his own party enough.

Gove and Johnson stood on a platform with Farage and therefore have given him credibility.

They lied and backed up his lies too.

The British people then voted. 

They voted for this outcome and if that’s what is wanted then that’s what will happen.

The consequences will be wide ranging- pensions,prices,travel and who we are will all be impacted.

We are going from stable to unstable and will have to ride the storm and just see what happens.

I am worried.

And the union may fall next….so we go from UK to just England and Wales??

Or maybe just England??

I feel sorry for the young most… 

Yesterday a teenager said to me”But it’s ok when we vote again I will be able to vote. We can vote back in”

I had to explain that this is it…there’s no going back.


6 thoughts on “Let’s be clear…”

  1. I keep having to remind people we are out for good or ill but try not to forget we were out of the EU a lot longer than we were in, we where a force to be reckoned with and will not be again as long as the people of the UK use the tools at hand and help make the UK great again

    1. I know what you’re saying. But the world was a different place then. A lot of our wealth was based on slavery and colonialism. We can’t go back to that! I worry about workers rights, equality laws and human rights. The markets are crashing and have wiped off more money that we have ever paid into the EU in over 40 years in just one day!I think the rich will be fine I’m just not sure about the rest of us! We will still have to trade with the EU and looking at Norway that means you pay to trade and still have to take your quota of refugees. So I don’t think people are going to get what they are expecting! However, I do hope you’re right. Maybe two years of mad interest rates, higher prices on everything and lots of quantative easing will be worth it! I love my country I just fear instability and what it can cause!

      1. I was in school when we joined the EU and we where sold a lie, so many of the things we were told just don’t work when mixing countries which have such diverse cultures, work ethics, and currency, its not like the USA which as a nation grew and evolved together.
        After slavery and colonialism we had thriving industry our telecommunications connected the world, our steel and coal fuelled Europe’s industry, the biggest problem we have had is corrupt businesses controlling a series of weak corrupt governments under a equally corrupt European government, other countries are still going to want to trade/sell us there products with us they will just have to pay for the privilege and we get to set the price and not be told by someone in a far off land,
        Hopefully UK farmers can plant and raise what they want and be able to sell it rather than it going to waist, we are not even allowed to give it away it just sits there rotting where it could feed a poor country,
        The UK needs young people from every walk of life not just the privileged and wealthy in government I hope with the internet and social media we will all have more say in the way things are run

      2. As long as we get the right people in charge we will be fine, I personalty think we should have a general election now, the last government we voted in was for a UK in the EU that has now all changed

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