Now TV

How am I watching Fortitude? 

Well as I’ve got Virgin tv not through my Tivo box…..

I’ve got an Apple TV and I’m watching it via that using the Now Tv app… £6.99 a month for the entertainment pass … We’ll worthwhile for all the stuff that you can watch on it…. and you can turn it on and off…so on for a month then switch off until you want to use it again….easy….

If you haven’t got an Apple TV you can buy a Now TV box from Argos etc they cost from about twenty quid and include a three month pass … Well worth checking out….

By the way this is not a sponsored post just my own thoughts on my own stuff!! That I’ve paid for myself….



Well I’ve spent the weekend getting up to date….a marathon 5 episodes back to back!!! 

What do I think? It’s good …..the first few episodes I thought that it was patchy but it’s becoming better as it goes along…what’s causing the deaths?? Why are the people all being so violent and on the edge?? Who killed Pettigrew?? 

Why would you live somewhere like Fortitude….on the edge of the world….. So delightfully weird….a mystery…a bit of sci fi….a bit of a soap opera …..a bit of horror…..

Not sure how they’ll end it though…I would recommend it…just prepare yourself for the violence and blood and guts….

Williamsons tunnels…

This is well worth a visit….the tunnels go under edge hill and they are trying to clear more and more of them…a guided tour is available and although the tunnels you can visit are not that extensive yet it’s still really interesting ….they were built in the early 19th century….

No one really knows why they were built but it’s one of those mad places to visit….

It’s close to the city centre….



The Mole of Edge Hill

joseph Williamson…philanthropist or madman?? He built tunnels all over the City of Liverpool and no one knows why..

This was a play put on at the tunnels and I would describe it as cute! The play was about Williamsons work and how he tried to make the lives of those in Liverpool better through providing them with work..